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Testing out my super fully loaded rig for Oregon Outback by riding up Taylor Mountain.

My bike weighed in at 65lbs. i was and am exhausted.

Now i will try to cut many many many lbs off this.

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riding downtown seattle, eating downtown food

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My Favorite Roads in Seattle: The Chief Sealth Trail

Under a canopy of electrical cables, this short but fun little trail that winds through the Beacon Hill and Rainier Valley neighborhoods.

There are plenty of twisty little climbs or descents — depending on which way you are riding it.

Chief Sealth (also known as Chief Seattle) was the Chief of the Duwamish Tribe and obviously is where Seattle got its name.


Airport Way; Seattle

One of my LEAST favorite roads in the entire city. 


when do you decide enough is enough?

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My Favorite Roads in Seattle: The Bum Trail

The Bum Trail has many names: The Jungle, The Bungle, The Beacon Hill Green Space……  but the name that most people know it as is The Jungle.

It is very illegal to ride your bike in here, very illegal to camp and/or live in here — all of which happen.

The “road” is pretty rough, so the bigger your tire, the better.  Once you’re through the green space, you are dumped under I-5 with cars mere feet above.


yummygooey his bike all matchy (his foto)


Colnagos make their owners feel greeeaaattttt

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My Favorite Roads in Seattle: The Hills of West Seattle (and there are many)

West Seattle is considered “far away.” Its a locals only kind of neighborhood since the fastest way there is a bridge at the very south end of the city proper.  I spent over 10 years there, and it still seems like a trek in a car from where i live now. From a bike, though, you have quick access to a range of climbs and hills offering amazing views.  

There are a series of Rainier R’s stenciled in yellow on the base of a lot of streets and climbs. Legend has it, if you follow them all, you will get 10,000 feet of elevation in about 40 miles. I have yet to follow them to completion. 

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My Favorite Roads in the Seattle City Limits: Discovery Park and Perkins Lane

There is nothing more classic for roadies in Seattle than the Discovery Park/Magnolia Loop. The park offers short punchy climbs which are very much the norm here.  It is a part of a decommissioned military base, and many of the sections are closed to cars. 

The Magnolia neighborhood borders the park, and is one of Seattle’s most wealthy areas. Exiting Discovery, most people just continue onto Magnolia Boulevard and back into the city proper, but one of the best roads in the city is just off to the right. 

Heading South, Perkins Lane descends quickly into an area that feels old-world.  The road is rough, and the houses butt up against a cliff overlooking the Puget Sound.  A wonderful hairpin turn at the very end leads to another short and steep climb back onto Magnolia Boulevard. 

Its a road I like make sure all my friends know about.